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A’s are not just for Awful Awful’s


Our good grades program rewards students for excelling academically and is just one way Newport Creamery provides Good Mood Food to our community.


How it works:

  • Every A received by a student helps them earn sweet treats!

    • 1-3 A’s on a students report card earns them a Jr. sized Awful Awful* or one scoop of ice cream.

    • 4 or more A’s on a students report card earns them a regular sized Awful Awful* or two scoops of ice cream.

  • Students in grades K-12 are eligible for this offer.

  • The student must be present. Parents/adults cannot redeem the offer on behalf of the student.

  • Report Cards prior to the current term, progress reports, and mid-term report cards are not redeemable for the good grades program.

  • The original report card is required (copies will not be accepted).


*does not include outrageous or extreme Awful Awful

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